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Latvia is one of three Baltic States' countries! It has various advantages when compared to other European Union countries. Latvia as member of European Union have very attractive pricing structure, that do interest a lot of tourists.

Capital city of Latvia:
Riga, and yes, Riga is more than 800 year old city!

Population of Latvia:
Currently there are about 2,4 millions inhabitants. About 0,8M to 1M people lives or works in Riga.

Latvia time zone:
Latvia has GMT+2:00 time zone.

Ethnic groups:
Latvian 57.7%, Russian 29.6%, Belarusian 4.1%, Ukrainian 2.7%, Polish 2.5%, Lithuanian 1.4%, other 2%

Political status:
Latvia since 1st May, 2004 is a legal member of European Union (EU).

Latvia is one of those countries you have to visit as soon as possible, because later it will be changed in a dramatic way - it will be like a majority of EU countries, so it is really good time to come and visit Latvia right now!

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The Daily Latvia - An Interactive Guide To Riga And Latvia

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